Saturday, February 14, 2015

See The Love!

Being on new ground here, I was looking around for one of Nature's hearts, looking but not seeing. I am pretty sure I heard the Universe quietly laughing when it came to me that I was looking directly at a tree, full of hearts. 

Love the ones you're with!

Don't forget the auction today that raises money to help keep Culebra's animals from random romances with long term consequences, as well as vet visits, animal emergencies and whatever else is necessary in trying to help the 4 legged among us. Here's the details:

Time: 2 -5 pm ... 

2-3 pm Social Hour, Live Music, Yummy Food, and Browse the Auction Items. 

3-5 pm LIVE AUCTION of over 125 items

ere: Culebra Community Library

Entrance fee: $15 per person
Cash, personal check, or PayPal will be accepted (please bring your own device for PayPal transaction -- smart phone, tablet).

100% of the proceeds go directly to helping Culebra's animals as we are an all-volunteer based organization. 

Have a special-you Saturday. Do something sweet with style.


  1. LOL Love the hearts. Of course we overlook the ever-there searching for the showy. Been my problem all my life! Another one of life-lessons :)

    1. Definitely one I learn and re-learn among the many. I like it though, the universe giving that little wake up shake...unless I don't like it.

  2. Thank you for announcing the auction on your blog, MJ. And for always being present in the present. Love you, MJ. Lori