Friday, February 20, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra and Beyond

Oddly enough, I've been cooking more this week than in ages and have not a photo to show for it. Omelets and sauces and sandwich constructions have all gone unrecorded. Which is pretty much fun, really, as I didn't omit photos on purpose, I just didn't think of them at all. Sometimes that's a good thing. Like now.

As I was thinking of today's post, the phrase free range opened up to include this short video. 

The other thing that came to mind is Penzeys catalog. If you don't know about Penzeys spices and spice combinations, all I can say is, they are good. In the last few years, the catalog sent out has become a bit revolutionary...not in the strike and fight mode, but in the power of well thought out food and sharing that food. Many pages of the free catalog are taken up with stories of people across America, people of every stripe and polka dot, telling home, food and heart stories. There are recipes too. 

If you like to sit over a cup of tea, perusing a catalog and you like food and spices too, you should check them out. How can you go wrong when a company's motto is 'Love People. Cook them Tasty Food'?

And that wraps up today's bread on the waters. Eat. Drink. Enjoy. Hug.

If you were at the Friends of Culebra Animals auction, you could have bid on and been drinking from these glasses!
Have a find life fabulous Friday. Do something fitting.


  1. Regarding the video: As David Crosby sang, "...I will understand, 'cause it's something everyone, everywhere does in the same language."

  2. Your video brought tears to my eyes for some reason. It was beautiful. There was something so simple and honest. Reminds me of the trust we put in each other when we all first went online and as I drove across the states meeting people, staying at their homes, falling in love with every one of them in some way. Blind social outreach :)

    1. Pollyanna, I was watching this at dawn, tears streaming in the good way. The reference you gave, so very true! I never gave trust a thought in those after many hours real life meetings. Blind social outreach of the brave new world it was...truly.

  3. Wonderful video, choked me up. I'm going to do that in the city I live in, but it's going to have to be warmer. 2 degrees at 7 am, high today 20, but I'll be in Culebra in 12 days!!