Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Randomness

First though! For some blogger reason, I'm not able to respond to comments, so just know I'm reading them and thinking up thankful, witty replies until I can actually make them!

Yes, I heard there was a footie ball game yesterday, but I didn't watch it or join in the revelry. If you did, I heard it was a good one and I hope you had a good time. I also hope I won something on the squares I picked. 

My revelry was elsewhere, celebrating Joyce's birthday at a place I really like, Villa Fulladoza. If you need a place to stay and can find an unbooked time, this is a good spot!

Joyce, Dick and daughters
The wonderful view from Villa Fulladoza's deck

Martha, as usual, provided a glorious birthday meal (and the Bloody Mary bar was also fine!)
Good friends and good food seem to go together on Culebra pretty often!

Insert your own caption here

Smiles all around

Some of the youngsters

Hey, you on the end! The mouth thing, yes, I said...never mind.
I could almost hear the dogs calling me, it was time to head east and keep them happy. These two are yet more great rescue dogs and while I've dogsat for many folks and get to love my temporary charges, I've never watched a dachshund/lab mix before. Do they all like to stretch to their full length along one's back, pressing as much as they can from head to toe, slowly moving the human to the precipice of the mattress? Small and mighty!

Heading out, I saw Annie on her porch. She is celebrating her mother's 102nd birthday, making Joyce and the rest of us just kids. 102!!!

Back at housesitting bluff, the boats near and far plied some very choppy waters. 

A huge red-tailed hawk hovered in the air. Soon it flew off toward Culebrita and then in swooped its mate, much smaller and heading in the same direction. And then of course my camera battery died and my charger was at home. Me and hawks...

After a trip back home to feed She Who Must Be Worshipped, sometimes from afar, I remembered to pick up the battery charger. 

The moon won't be full until tomorrow but this looks real close to me

I know it is probably just me, but the clouds passing in front of the moon seem to be moving in this photo. It makes me slightly dizzy to look at it (no comments from the peanut gallery!)

Happy Groundhog's Day!!! I'm terribly sorry to mention that Phil saw his shadow but at least that means the sun was shining, yes? Ok, I won't say any more about that since I think 75 is chilly and live accordingly here, because the sun wasn't exactly shining. Another log for your fire!

Have a mellifluous Monday! Do something merry.


  1. I love the picture of the three men "add your own caption." It is just the looks and the stands and everything. Love it :) As usual, well written and happy. Beautiful pictures, sparkling sea, and food. Life jes don't get no better dan dat :)

    1. Oh, hooray, I can reply now for some reason (now being the operative word). Yes, it's a pretty fine life!

  2. Every morning I get to work, and the first thing I do is read your blog. I so look forward to it. For the few minutes it takes me to read it, I am transported. I go from blah to smiley. Thank you.