Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ s/v Gabra

This is a very special boat and home, loaded and ready to sail, stay, or just play, with some seriously good karma already aboard. If you knew Tony and know Suzanne, you know some of the grace that still hovers over Gabra. A shining beginning for her new owner.

Gabra is for sale.  She's an absolute joy to sail and has proven to be an incredible live-aboard vessel. Tony took great pride in her upkeep and general maintenance, always ensuring us with a comfortable and safe home away from home.  She is a super racer/cruiser, excellent for coastal passage making as well as extended ocean crossings.  She is easy to handle with a unique layout that invites you to relax and enjoy.   Gabra is proudly outfitted and comes with maintenance manuals, spare parts, tools and quality cruising gear.  She is presently located in Culebra, Puerto Rico, a super cruising destination and a “must see and be” on the cruising itinerary.
Captain Tony passed away last year, hence the reason Gabra is for sale.  
Gabra is in a beautiful place, with the whole Caribbean within reach, waiting for someone to take her on more adventures.
contact Suzanne at: svgabra@gmail.com
Thank you for your interest,
Suzanne Page


  1. What a well maintained and well found cruising yacht..!!! I will place the info on my FACEBOOK page to help spread the word........ Someone's Dreams are waiting to be lived if aomeone only knew that Gabra is patiently bobbing at her mooring awaiting their arrival..!

  2. Oh, MJ. We have a purchasing principle - "Will it fit on the boat?" Seeing this makes our dreams more of a reality than ever before. We absolutely could do this, like really soon. But Blaise has got to learn how to sail first...