Saturday, February 28, 2015

To a Beach!

If you are going to imbibe at the beach - and I planned on it - one stop for me is usually Randaluz (a hardware store for those of you who don't know) to pick up my imbibing liquid of choice. White wine worked yesterday. But what was really working were the nails. Impelled to preserve them forever, I was; and I did.

I wish I had a blouse in every nail design

On the way to the beach, it looked like rain. In fact, we'd been warned of a squall. That didn't happen. This did. The water held hundreds (I counted) of warm pockets surrounded by much cooler areas (ok, cooler to me, I was told that calling myself a Polar Bear was not anywhere close to valid - a Koala Bear, perhaps)

Time with friends, tranquil beauty and a tourist who happily asked for, was offered and  took the last beer on this particular beach planet made for a lot of smiles and plain happiness. Who the hell takes your last beer?

We watched this boat coming in head on for a long time until they took this turn. Fair winds, whoever you are!

The sun was getting low. With other places to be I couldn't wait for it to touch the horizon, but there was plenty of wow to go around

Just because
I can ride on this afternoon until the next one comes around. 

Have a sate your 'satisfy me' Saturday. Do something spectacular.

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