Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dabbling in Light ~ Earth Hour 2015

If you have been outside at night lately and are able to see the moon, it is just coming into its halfway-ness toward full. The stars are bright, the air is still cool. In other words, outside should be a fine place to spend an hour or more, especially tonight, which is Earth Hour night. 

I was going to share a link about 10 fun things to do during Earth Hour but truthfully, the list was nothing you'd not think of yourselves: a candle light dinner, a walk in the night, gathering with friends...and make up some yourselves, you clever lads and lassies! Instead, here is a very short video that gives the idea of what will be happening across the world starting in about 3 hours. You can track it live by clicking right here.

In our own corner of saving the world, HoundDog (Jane the Vet's dog who needed a new forever home after Jane left us) made it to his forever home safe and sound. I'll let David tell the story (I'll just insert some happy photos. Lucky dog!).

Good evening all!

Just wanted to let you all know Sir HoundDog is at his forever home, happy, healthy and well, very well. We had a little glitch in transportation, but he is now with us and settling in to his new life.  American Airlines didn't get him on his connecting flight with us in Miami. However, they took good care of him while he spent the night there and then flew him to Raleigh this morning. We picked him up and brought him home with us, stopping at Wendy's to get him a cheeseburger, no bread though, got to watch his trim figure.  
When we got home, we gave him a bath.  Debbie, being a hairdresser, shampooed him 4 times, then hair conditioner and a blow-dry.  He took it well. He has been exploring all the rooms and furniture in our house and doing the Three Little Bears routine.  I sat down in my recliner a while ago and he jumped in my lap and started licking my face, something he had never done while we were in Culebra. He has met some of the neighbors and has been very social and they already love him.   Our son, Derek, is in from Florida for the weekend. Derek went to our local butcher and got a bag of meat trimmings for HoundDog, so they are now good friends. HoundDog is happy, very happy, and so are we.  He is a wonderful dog and we will love and take good care of him. 
Here he is now, putting his head in my lap and looking at me with those pretty hound dog eyes.

So many people are involved in these life changing animal exchanges, it is plenty staggering, all done for love, usually unsung. Thanks to all of you...this time for allowing HoundDog to have a loving home once more. 

Yes, all of this ties in. Each little and big thing we do, picking up trash on the beach or on your walk through town, planting your own garden, buying products that are as friendly to the Earth as possible, using your hands instead of plugging in yet another machine, getting your animals spayed and all matters. Turning out the lights for an hour is a symbol of the rest of the 365 days. Plus, the dark can be beautiful. Enjoy it!

Go do something good for the planet. Which means doing something good for yourself, your family and your Really Big Family. Go beyond the hour.

Have a fabulously facilitating Friday. Do something force full.

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  1. Aww! Thank you. HoundDog is acting like a kid with a new toy, running around exploring with boundless energy. Took him shopping at Petco today for food/water bowls, food treats, etc. He was so excited, that at one point he raised his rear leg and peed on a display. Guess he hasn't been shopping much outside of Culebra.