Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Culebra

See me doing the stamp my pretty little foot dance (not the one with the broken baby toe, the other one). I really did have a plan for today but it only half way came together when prevailing circumstances - I'm going to only use three or more syllable words to distract you - instigated a necessary relocation of...oh, never mind, I'm just not much on the big words unless I'm angry and I'm not angry. Suffice to say, Plan A is just on hold for a bit, leaving us with...well...this.

Plan B by any other name...
So, you might be asking, what the hell are you thinking trying to get away with this crap as a cover up for Tiny Home Tuesday is this? This, as is obvious to me, is an ancient alligator's head I found in the mangroves. Or a dinosaur, but I'm pretty sure it's a gator. What does it have to do with tiny homes you might be asking as well. Obviously, nothing. I just wanted you to see it.

The same way I wanted you to see this other tidbit of trivia. 

Reading about Cuba opening up to Americans I was reminded of photos of my mother and her brother in Sloppy Joe's in Havana back in the 30's or 40's. It was the place to go for New Yorker's and their sets. In the photo, they looked so jazzy, and my mother had a kerchief on her hair, but not really covering it, just sort of holding it off of her face. They were young and happy and perfect.

And all of those thoughts led me to thinking about the Pan Am Clippers and that luxurious way of travel back in the day. I wonder if she ever read this list. 

Not surprisingly, I couldn't find a men's check list.
When I go to Havana, I'll be carrying a backpack and a small bag. Guess that girdle will have to stay at home, but I'd sure like the free overnight bag!

Apparently my mother came to San Juan long before I did, via Pan Am
Have a toiling toward tap-dancing Tuesday. Do something thinkingly.


  1. I love your daily words of events in and on that lovely island. Been there once a month ago, wish I would have met you. I loved Brava beach, and worked on the bamboo that I was able to find. Keep it up island Woman, winter is far too long here in the Midwest! Thanks, Sheila!

  2. Love your ancient alligator. His house would be not so tiny for this Tuesday :)

  3. I would love to see some images taken at Sloppy Joe's...