Monday, March 23, 2015

Something New ~ Something Olablu

There is always something new opening each season on Culebra.  One I've been waiting for is Olablu (pronounced, easily enough, Olah blue), Alicia's offering of unique items next to the Tourism office by the plaza. Each piece is exclusive to her shop - and hopefully will stay that way! - either commissioned by local craftspersons or imported via Fair Trade contacts. Color and design pop, making for lots of visual eye candy and plenty of variety for gifting to others or to yourself. 

Okay, enough description, what you see is what you can get. If you are fast. I saw a brightly woven wine bottle carrier I wouldn't have minded buying and it sold right in front of me. The only one left. Wah. More soon, I hope.


It doesn't get more local than this!
The bags on the right can be used for tablet covers or clutches on a colorful night out. No one will pick up your tablet by mistake with one of these protecting it!

Ladderlike treasure hunting

Lots and lots of bright beauty (and some real practical tidbits too)
Remember the days of Fritz Perls and In and Out of the Garbage Can ? If you are younger you might think that refers to Oscar the Grouch. Nope. It was about a movement in psychotherapy, the Gestalt movement. The basic premise was "enhanced awareness of sensation, perception, bodily feelings, emotion, and behavior, in the present moment. Relationship is emphasized, along with contact between the self, its environment, and the other." The quote is taken from the above link because I couldn't have written it as well. 

The other sort of motto about a gestalt was that it is bigger than the sum of its parts. When I first looked at Olablu it was my first thought. Hey! Here is a gestalt of a store! (What can I say? A dozen lives ago I was pretty into the academics of psychotherapy. Some of it stuck.)

Scarves and tops and bags oh my!

This is a small close up sample of the locally made treasures in the above tray
All hand crafted, all fun! What's not to like?
These just made me grin thinking about wearing them.
I sense a sudden compulsion to shake it , baby.
And that is Olablu - which of course clicks in my mind into a song. And a good song for Olablu it is! Ok, so my interest in psychotherapy was, perhaps, not entirely academic.

Have a maverick Monday. Do something multicolorfully.

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  1. I spent a little time at Esalen back in the 60's (and a few times since), met Fritz and suffered through some gestalt workshops. He was something of an a--hole, in my opinion, but interesting nonetheless.