Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Range Friday

Not a duck
I was so excited when Norman told me there, hidden away in the freezer, was a duck with my name on it. DUCK! on Culebra. But something happened along the way that I don't think I've never had happen in my life. By the time I was done grilling it and finishing the roasted potatoes, I felt totally full and completely uninterested in eating the meal. Worse, my son felt the same way after eating a late, large lunch. So, with reluctance (me, not the duck), into the fridge it went. 

The next day, after a little nibbling, I turned the whole thing all over to Elijah to remake with his own imagination. The mashed potatoes turned into light and crisp potato pancakes, the duck turned into...I'm not really sure what it would be called. I think he took a page from the Stark back of the fridge cook book and whatever went into it, it was different and very, very delicious. Absolutely ducky. Plus, because I couldn't eat everything on the plate, it made a wonderful salad the next day. Duck on!

Last Sunday was a Susie day for myself, David and Debbie (the wonderful couple who took Hounddog!). We shared an entree of piƱon (also known as pastelon) for an appetizer. Debbie and David shared the whole fish and I got the salmon roll. We didn't quite lick the plates but there were no scraps left. 

A happy David. 

Oops, I'd already snagged a bite

So pretty, so happy on the tongue
Whether it is one hawk or two providing entertainment, I'm mesmerized from the first screeching call to the last eye spy. Free rangers, that be they.

The duck carcass is in the freezer and I know there is a soup on the horizon. Sometimes meal plans are best to put in free range mode. After living on Culebra this long, I know that, really, all plans should be held that way, Quack.

Have a farthersighted Friday. Do something flexible. 

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  1. Damn you're a good photographer, I look like I'm in my early 60's. Food porn shots are good, too.