Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ UK - The Forester

When my children were small, Transformer toys had just been invented by someone(s?) with a brilliantly open and creative mind. I remember sitting on the floor of a toy store at midnight, where there was a huge bin of them, twisting and turning them, fascinated by how they worked. I'm not sure how many Transformers came home with me for that Christmas, but it was a lot. I had to make sure there were plenty for me to play with without having to snatch them out of little hands. 

The build in 1996 at a trade show
I saw this home by Carpenter Oak, and while it's not built with the elaborateness of a Transformer toy, it does have that ability to fold and unfold, becoming two (actually three, keep looking) very different things. Not a bad feat for a home.

With a commitment to sustainable building, all the wood used by this UK based company comes from managed tree farms, mainly in France. They also plant 10 oak trees for every ONE used in their constructions. Their work is done all over the world and with this gem as an example, I can see the reason for their success.

All photos come from the Carpenter Oak website.

A small yet serviceable kitchen
Only steps away from bed to coffee
I'd love to see a better view of what is overhead - but a trip to the UK will have to wait.
Windows! Light! Wood stove! Plus, I really like the table, both heavy and light at the same time.
Time to go. Did you close the walls, darling?

Protection and porches too. That works.
This same idea is being done with containers as well, at less cost, no doubt, but for those with the means, this 12 x 24 home carries a solidness only timber framing provides. Maybe some of that is an intangible element that comes with a love of wood, making for a priceless component, at least for some of us.

Tiny update, just because. I don't remember where I picked up this pot rack but it has been waiting a very long time to be hung up. Too long for this side of the galley, it was cut down to exactly what was needed and will hold space taking bulky pots and skillets rather than snorkel gear, leaving shelf and cupboard space for other items. 

Eventually the ceiling will get a whitewash staining...I think.
Me: Why did you put the hooks in like that?
Elijah: Because they make little hearts.

Have a textured Tuesday. Do something touchable. 

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  1. Elijah, I love the heart hooks! Mind if I steal the idea?