Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old Sights Different Heights

I know, I have to quit with these rhyming post titles.  

Yesterday was one of those days we so often have. Absolutely gorgeous sunshine, blue skies and billowing clouds and then, out of the literal blue, a slow rain, a white out that shouldn't have been a white out at all, with drops hardly making it to the ground before melting. Into...uh...steam or something. Then the sun came back and it was breezy and beautiful again, though the clouds lingered, that long grey tunnel of clouds from El Yunque to St. Thomas that I still have never photographed the way it looks over the miles. Yet.

One face of the towering clouds 

What my houseboat wants to be when it grows up (just to answer the often asked question of "Is that houseboat in the bay your houseboat?" No.

When I took this, I imagined it in black and white

But I think I like it better in color
Coming through the reef

A future captain watches

So long! Hope you enjoyed and were kind to Culebra.

Be careful out there, little red boat

Hello, Vieques!

A little shift in the wind changes everything
I never get tired of any of the water views in Culebra. As the landscape grows more homes, and ugly swaths of mud in the bay producing illegal roads, I can always know the sea and ocean and bays won't least for now. Ok, no diatribes this morning. 

Have a taoist Thursday. Do nothing taboo.


  1. I love your photography so much that I come back here and look at your photos again and again. The ocean is so ever changing and yet always the same.

    1. Glad you enjoy it, Miss Pollyanna! That's the aspect I love too.