Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ The Unnamed Project

The houseboat project continues! I was looking for some old photos from when I first got the houseboat but only managed to wade through a few hundred old photos for now. Once upon a time it was very different and very put together, though I wasn't ever really happy with the set up. Now it is coming together in the way I imagined it years ago. Hooray!

The day of a lot of seagulls and the deposits they left behind quite a few years back
Those windows were old and corroded when I first got the houseboat. Now they are replaced with a bit smaller jalousie type of storm proof windows. Way mo' bettah!

The way it looked once upon a time

The old doors on the bow 
Those doors blew out in storms while I was in the states and the interior weather destruction started. That happened two years in a row. Poor boat. It will be an exciting day when the new ones are wide open!

Before the bench was removed and the galley cut in half
Dusty new floor replacing the buckled delaminated wood with solid marine ply, as well as along the bottom of the walls where the old windows had allowed a lot of water to cause rot up to about, well, as high as that blue goes.
The old steps were pretty, curved pieces but very narrow and also rotten. The new steps are sturdy, deep and are hinged for storage and access to the stern lazarette. 
The new galley configuration. 
This adds another 5 feet on the starboard side for a table and chairs or whatever ends up being there. The shelves on the floor will hang on the empty wall space there, a great solid wood side of the road find that will be sanded and painted and provide a lot more storage. On the counter end, a hanging locker is yet to be built with the beautiful old doors that were on the space wasting original locker.

Dinette table re-installed. There will be a box shelf at the end, creating more storage space as well as a spot for plants under the window. 

The old damaged flooring is being removed and the underlying fiberglass sanded. For now it will be painted until some new flooring is installed. Bamboo? Tile? Not decided yet. 
There is plenty left to do, though so much has been done. But poco a poco wins the race. Ask any turtle.

Big props to my son Elijah, who is making this all happen, at long last. There might be faster ways to get this done, but not any way with more love and care built in. That will last forever.

Have a teachable Tuesday. Do something transformably traditional.

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  1. Love it! Much nicer than I had imagined. Roomy and great use of space. It's going to be wonderful when finished. Float on, mi amiga!