Thursday, March 19, 2015

Out and About on the Rock

As Winter is giving way to Spring (even here) we've all remarked on the fact that we had some really abnormal winter weather here. The dry season became the rainy season, making times of sunshine more brilliant than usual. The normal dull colored hillsides at this time of year are instead bright with many shades of green.

There are flowers that bloom no matter what the dryness level might be, but they seem to be showing off earlier than usual, along with the mango trees filling the air with the spicy fragrance of their own flowering. 

I've not always had my camera in hand, but enough for the roller coaster ride of our recent weather to be apparent.

There's been a lot of boat activity in the bay, especially now as the season changes

A sunshine moment at Melones

I love that the area Mario and friends cleaned up in such a colorful fashion is staying beautiful. Thanks to those who put their trash where it belongs!

I hadn't seen the coconut people this year and am glad I did before Nature takes them back.

Coconut spider

Even in the rain, the beach is a good place to be
But in between rain showers, when the sun came back, it was stunning. 
Everything changes. Some change is expected and some is not. Those are such common truths they are almost trivial - except when they are very, very real. I'm  glad to live in a place so very beautiful, to keep being reminded that every change that is difficult can be followed by amazing changes of beauty. Thanks, Culebra!

Have a tirelessly timely Thursday. Do something transcendently.


  1. Did someone drive through the coconut people or did a turtle come up to nest? I sincerely hope it's the latter! Beautiful pictures no matter the weather!

  2. Happy, happy is what I feel looking at your photos....