Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring On! 2015 + 1

Yesterday was the official first day of Spring for the Northern hemisphere. Those living in the far up north may not be so sure about that but the signs are coming, even if they are invisible at the moment. I'm late, as usual. 

For plenty of others, the signs were/are everywhere. Gardeners still in frozen dirt country, fingers itching to play in the soil, know there is always something to be doing for a season of planting and reaping, whether it is starting seeds with indoor window light or planningplanningplanning more garden space or preservation methods. 

Even for those of us with year 'round growing ability, there is still something about fresh seed catalogs to enjoy, even if we are not reading them in front of a fireplace and only dreaming of warm weather. 

How can anyone resist this catalog from Sow True Seeds?
Artist - Beatriz Carmen Mendoza 
The amazing thing is that lots of these catalogs are free. Yes. Free. Of course there's a catch; they will make you want to plant things, which means getting up and doing that.

Some people are already reaping the rewards of well planned gardens, like my buddy Mike in Florida, who has been picking various sorts of 'maters for a few weeks now.

Yep, organic!
photo credit - Mike Harris

Have you noticed that lately there isn't just one thing going on during a celebratory time in Nature? Like yesterday, it was the equinox, it was a solar eclipse and it was a super moon. Lots of super moons and not so very long ago I'd never even heard of a super moon. I think I like the phrase less and less the more I hear it. But then, I also know I am (happily) turning into a curmudgeonly old biddy, so that might be part of it. Maybe it is the word super...
Culebra Spring 2012
Spring in this part of the world has sprung. What are your plans? There are a lot of ways to grow things, including yourself, and this is a fine time to begin, even if you are a day late of official. Make time your own. Begin your beginning. 
Have a salubrious Saturday. Do something spicy.

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