Monday, March 2, 2015

Forewarning: Sorry, You Cold People

Yesterday on a small walkabout, I was surprised to see that the flower trees are just covered in blossoms. I was trying to remember how long it had been since the last time and it seemed not quite right. But Time and I have long been comrades and I know it's best to leave the big T alone unless necessary. Later in the day a friend mentioned that the blooming is two months early, without me even mentioning the display. Great! My internal clock still has a working alarm button.

Every year this tree and its sister deck out in yellow finery. I do it no justice in this photo, unfortunately.

Later on, heading to town, I saw this sweet baby, new to the neighborhood. I only had my phone with me and the photo came out pretty funky, but since he'd just been born that morning, I'm using it! He is shadowed by his Mama, standing close by. The man who owns the horse didn't know for sure that  she was pregnant so it was a good surprise and all is well.

Happy birthday, darling boy
I thought it was too early for the moonrise but a glance at English Karen's facebook post from Gibraltar from two hours earlier led me outside. And there it was, the moon. La bella luna.

It wasn't quite the same as our, really.

Moon view from Gibraltar  photo credit ~ Karen Clayton
The thing that is the same about both of them (to me) is that they both look soft and squishable. That's not a quality I think I've ever attributed to the moon before but last night? Yes. Maybe I was just in need of my pillow.

I can only (thankfully) imagine how far away Spring must feel to folks who are doorknob high in snow. Second story doorknob in some cases. But it will return eventually. In the meantime, I'm scattering petals in your path.

Have a manifest marvelous melting Monday. Do something mobile.

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