Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's With This Weather?

I am marking the Winter of 2015 as the strangest ever here on Culebra. Well, weather wise at least; the competition for strangest ever anything else would be a whole different contest and one I'd not want to judge.

Winds and rain have interspersedly replaced the usual endless days of beautiful sunshine. But 30 mph wind gusts with 20 fairly steady? In March? 

“Oh what a blustery day! It must be Windsday again!”
The view to the bay rotates between lovely blues and greens with sun dancing to dark and gusty with close the door batten down the hatches bursts of fat cold raindrops that truly don't last too long. It is like wishing for a fireside armchair and then a cooling swim within a 30 minute span. Over and over.

Truly a 'if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes' forecast

Breakers outside the reef at Dakity
It is a good day to be cozy. Of course, since I've written this, the wind will drop, the sun will reappear in constancy and normal will return. You're welcome.

Have a warmish Windsday. Do something windless.


  1. We are having outrageous windy days here too, in the heartland of America, let us breath in slowly and remember to exhale, and maybe the wind will go away!!!!!

  2. Interspersedly?? I'm Impressed! I'd add that to my vocab, but I'd have to say it silently in my head many times before uttering it out loud in conversation. Hehe!