Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Birdie Told Me

For many of you, the sight of a robin is a seasonal moment of joy, heralding a Spring that might have seemed to never want to arrive. For me, that rosy red breast yells out 'A ROBIN!!!!'. Since we don't have them on Culebra, the sight of a nice fat robin is as startling as seeing a tropical bird might be for someone in a cold climate. I'll stand in some rain for that. For a minute. 

The early bird DID get the worm!
While the calendar might say Spring, it seems to be a delayed factor here, with early morning temperatures ranging from the high 40's to high 50's. Right now it is raining and chilly, but the robin, he don't care.

I haven't had camera in hand when the occasional geese come flying over, honking their way across the sky. But I will. I hope!

Making our own Spring, regardless of the weather
Have a take your temperature and toss it Thursday. Do something transmutable.

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