Saturday, May 2, 2015

Grow and Crow

Today actually feels like a Saturday! Even though it is overcast and hazy, even as the Sahara dust is, for the moment, a bit lighter in the air, there is something about the feel of the day. 

Not good for much unless it's H time.
Definitely not good for those with breathing issues.
Maybe it is because there is a cookbook sale in NYC which brought to mind Friends of the Library sales a couple of times a year where we lived once upon a time. I'd take my children to those, always on a Saturday. "Oh, I bet they loved that!" you might be thinking. Well, they did, acting like I'd set them free in Toys R Us. That's a good Saturday.

This cashew tree is exploding! It's like it doesn't even have enough room for bloom.

"Hello! What are YOU looking at?"

Can't get enough cashew photos

This one is growing fast. It must like Sahara dust.

The afternoon light was shining through his comb. It looked almost fake.
Welcome to May!

I got an email this morning that really made me grin. 

Once, a long time ago, I was going to work on a boat in the States, making a delivery from somewhere to somewhere. I figured every boat needs a boat cat and that is when Blackie showed up. I gave him to the Captain and he came along for the ride. He's seen more than the average cat, blood sweat tears and lots of wine. He's heard more than a few as well, but he's not talking. Except for the laughter part. He's heard a lot of that. 

Since those days, he's been to Europe, both as pilot and watch cat. He's been to Florida and Maine and all points in between on the East coast of the US. Now he is on a road trip around the country, traveling in RV luxury. Of course.

Sometimes it's better to see the countryside close up. Bikes work. 
Blackie is getting up there in years, but I think he's got a lot of miles left on him. He's been in good hands, but I do miss his funny face and ways. One of these days I'll see him again and I can't wait! Don't tell She Who Owns Me. 

Have a saturated Saturday. Do something sublime. Or subrosa. Or...never mind.

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