Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Pastalon

A few weeks back my friends David and Debbie and I ate at Susie's, with pastalon being one of the dishes ordered. They were so taken with it, David decided to give it a try the other day, back in their own home kitchen. Here's what happened.

"I made pastelon for dinner tonight. I used ground pork instead of beef. I was lucky to find very ripe plantains, most of the time they are hard and green.

All photos courtesy of David

Got the recipe from a Puerto Rican cooking site

 It was fun to make and turned out delicious."

For the recipe, go to the The Noshery blog. I know from when I used to shop in the states that it's possible to get a mixed ground meat package of beef, pork and lamb, which I think would also work really well with this. 

Love a meal that you had while eating out? Be inspired and try making it at home! Buen provecho!

David added:

"Tell everyone HoundDog is doing great! He's so happy with us and we dearly love him. Perfect fit for all of us."

Have a familiarizing Friday. Do something firsthand.


  1. Digna showed me how to make this,years ago in the kitchen of El Batey

    1. Very cool, taught at the hands of an expert! She also made the best burgers I've ever had except for my Dad's. Well cooked on the outside, rare inside and perfectly seasoned. I miss those!

  2. Ahh! Thank you, MJ!