Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gotta Go to Come Back

By this time tomorrow I'll be in the fabled Midwest, where next weekend I'll watch my fabulous, smart, kind and funny granddaughter graduate from high school, ready to start her new adventures!

I've seen dozens of photos from proud parents and grandparents, celebrating this moment in life, but somehow, it didn't seem like something I'd be doing. Isn't she still that little girl, running around laughing and playing? That soccer teen, that first day of tennis person, wondering how it would all go? The new license in hand let's take to the streets one? But here she is and I am still cheering her on, in amazed wonder. 

Have a teeny tremulous tear of triumph Tuesday. Do something terrific!


  1. Welcome to 'older age'. It ain't so bad.

    1. It's pretty damn sweet! Glad to be among y'all.