Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's Wrap This Thing Up (fair warning: photo heavy)

"You didn't have a very long vacation," was the first welcome home I got from the super nice plane guy. After about 36 hours with no sleep (remind me never to make early morning reservations again), I'd agree to anything but that, it was a full time away, an excellent time away and time didn't even seem much of a part of it. 

Maybe that's what love does.

Michelle came up with the excellent idea of having a picnic by Lake Shawnee to watch the sunset for our last evening together. We put together fruits and cheeses and veggies, guacomole and crostinis, hoping to go to a little deli to add to the goods. Ooops. They had gone into summer hours and we were a few hours late. Instead we hit the Chinese place. A couple of pu pu platters, some Szechuan chicken and let's call it a picnic!


Kobie, looking noble..a tough look for him to pull off
No, he didn't eat it.
The bikes I mentioned before. You can use one to drive around the lake.
I'm told there is some good fishing here
and geese too
We decided to go around to the other side of the lake for the actual sunset.

Good choice!

Wait!! I wanted a photo...never mind

It was chilly!

Grayson and Sloane out on the dock
Mama watches

That's a wrap
Except for 'good-bye, Kansas, hello, ocean'

A beautiful sunrise from the terminal.
There's your breadbasket
I have no idea what this is

I'm pretty sure this was done by aliens
Spring has sprung. Even though it was in the 50's.

Nuclear power plant?
Hello, Florida! 

Now back on Culebra where, much to my surprise, the road up the hill has been paved! This is a huge thing with potholes more like craters all up and down the hill. Driving on it now, its smooth black surface unbroken, is like skating.

Have a welcome back Wednesday. Do something wholesome.

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