Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't Stop the Petal Rain (don't want to, either)

We all watched this vase of flowers, from fairly tight buds on bringing them home  to a slow succession of days seeing them opening to the light. 

Bloomed as wide as possible, time and gravity began the release of petals, in small showers or one by one. That might sound somewhat poignant, but it wasn't, it was just another beautiful step in the process. We left them - because.

For a lovely bowl
Let us arrange these flowers
Since there is no rice. ~ Basho

We had plenty of rice, so felt rich indeed. Food and beauty and love, lucky us!

From hour to hour, they opened

The morning I woke up to find the coffee table littered with petals, my daughter found me taking photos. She and my grandchildren were as mesmerized by the flowers as me. Yes, that's a little scary.

And then there were only two petals left. I was sitting there, camera in hand, saying 'Oh, just two petals left!' when my on occasion not sentimental at all daughter dragged her hand through the almost barren stems saying 'What?!' while laughing somewhat maniacally. 

No touching photo of the last petal clinging. 

Instead, a petal fight ensued.
Good work, flowers!!
Today is my last day here for this visit. My granddaughter will brave the pre-dawn drive to the airport, which means I need to get some laundry done. Now. 

It's been good. But like petals of a flower, when it's time to go, go before someone makes you go!

Have a massive Monday. Do something measurable.


  1. I love watching the tulips open and gather light, energy, then fade away. Love the analogy of leaving your budding flower-grandgirl before your petals drop~~~ I am so glad this was such a great visit.

    1. Me too, Miss Pollyanna! On all counts.