Saturday, May 30, 2015

Try Some DD on for Size

It was pretty quiet when I went into Dinghy Dock yesterday afternoon. Not a bad thing, with friends and some time to talk. I didn't stay long (kitties don't care much about happy hour when their dinner hour comes along) but long enough to leave smiling over little big things.

Walt's palm frond mobile. Make a basket and keep the rain out at the same time. 

Capt. Pat all Culebra-ized. I complimented her matching John Deere scarf  headband
and she said "Culebra has deer too!" Yes we do.

Sue and Tuck's cactus at the end of the bar is blooming like mad

Shay is blooming too!
Walt told me on my way out to stop and look in his front seat .
A new kind of woven flower. Nice, Walt!
Peter des Jardin, an old friend no longer with us who lived on St. Croix, used to cover the top of his rusted out island beater with layers of woven palm fronds. "Peter, what's with the palm fronds on the roof? To keep out the rain?" I'd asked, pretty much jokingly. "It works," was his smiling reply. And it does, just so you know. Ask Walt.

Have an unsaturated Saturday! Do something seaworthy.

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