Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Horse is a Horse, Of Course

Some days there are horses everywhere you turn on our island, and then other days will go by seeing nary a one. There are a few standbys, babies are born and grow up, while some, like a white one I think was very old when I first saw him, hung around for years and then no more. I miss that horse.

Heading to greener grass
Airport grass. Yum.

Another day, down the road.

This bird followed its horse down the road. Buds.

Mama and growing up fast baby
I used to see a few people riding horses regularly as their means of transportation. One man in particular I could hear every morning, coming from far around the bay in the stillness of barely dawn, eventually riding by my place and on to wherever he was going. I miss that clattering of hooves in the first silence of morning (silence with roosters, that is), a sound that said 'Good morning, this is Culebra'.

This is Culebra too. The flamboyants are back!

From one of my favorite 'yellow flower' trees

The more common color, if you can call raging color and beauty common. I can't.
Have a see what you see Saturday. Do something sublime. If you don't have lemons. 

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