Saturday, May 16, 2015

Topeka Farmer's Market

Sloane knew I'd love to get to a farmer's market and plans were made. The weather called for rain, but that was not going to stop us. 

The mission: Get to the Farmer's Market before the rain got there.

Rent a bike. 

Sloane explained the system to me but it is too complicated to write here. Basically, you can rent a bike for a really cheap price and just leave it anywhere in the area. Of course, it might be gone when you come out of the store, but hopefully you can find another one somewhere nearby.

The state capitol building 

This lady's hat was worth stopping her for.
To make sure Betty didn't think I was too crazy, I got Sloane to be in the photo. I don't think she bought it for a second, but hey, she was walking around with a garden on her head. I guess the manager of the farmer's market can do that. 

I wanted to buy one of these big bones for the dogs I know on Culebra

With the wind whipping up and rain close by,
it wasn't really a lemonade day but I really liked the stand

Hooray, Grandma!

Lots of homegrown asparagus. I wanted to go back to one place for some
but too late; the rain did show up. 

Lots of memories in a bottle. Of course I bought the ginger beer.
Conversation with the three men sitting at the back of the wood shop booth :

Sloane: Which one of you guys make these?
Man points to other man: He makes 'em, at least he says he does. His wife does most of the work.

I could imagine them meeting for coffee every day and I bet they do.

Simple and functional

This was a booth of doll clothes and doll shoes. Handmade I'm guessing. Sloane and I were creeped out. 

Creepy doll shoes
This Harley Davidson dealership has a great backstory. In this building is a museum along with eateries and plenty of Harley Davidson eye candy.

Our scores. Amish jalepeno and cheese bread, one ginger beer, honey sticks in different flavors, some gorgeous homegrown tomatoes and organic eggs. Oh, in the plastic container? Homemade dog treats for Kobie. And then the rain came.

Mission accomplished. Home again home again, where Kobie was waiting. He was glad to see us.

photo credit ~ Sloane Dyer

Have a satisfying Saturday. Do something savory.

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