Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Spy With My Little Eye

I haven't taken much of any walks lately, so today I grabbed the camera and did just that. Not far, maybe farther tomorrow. Which is really today, but in the dark, it feels like tomorrow. Elastic early morning  time.

I really was looking around (along with off the porch) but the clouds were magnificent from morning until sunset and I couldn't help but look up. A lot.

The subtle sky painters were out today

This frangipani was just stuck naked into a pot. Now the reward!

The boats are so small and this cloud is so big!

Crazy twisty turny limbs with eye stunning blooms

The moon came up early

As the sun got lower, this cloud just got better and better

Something about banana blossoms, with the flower down and the bananas up...

If I was really fast and really agile, I would have could have climbed on top
of the third story roof and not had wires in this photo of an extraordinary cloud.
I'm not and I'm not. You've got wires to erase with your imagination.
By the time the third story balcony was reached I knew
I was not going on the roof, so just leaned as far out as I felt safe doing.
The cloud had morphed.
It was still beautiful and worth the run.
Walking back up the hill, some neighbors stopped to say hello. One said, Oh! you are out taking pictures? Of...? I said, just whatever catches my eye. Like that, and pointed to this still gorgeous cloud. They all enjoyed it with me and that made it even better. 

Have a taste the temperature Thursday. Do something on tippy top toes.


  1. I was once stuck naked in a pot. On second thought, make that I was once stuck naked with some pot. Pesky prepositions.

    1. Dear Pesky,

      I'm just glad you weren't struck naked with some pot.

      Be grateful.


      Miss Bananas

  2. I love the photo of the moon, so beautiful! :)

    1. It was an amazingly clear day around here. I always love it when the craters are so visible!