Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another POV

Leaving Culebra yesterday wasn't really great for sky photos, sort of grey and a funny angle to the view, so I kept my camera put away until I was over the ocean, not coming ashore until we reached North Carolina. I wasn't on the 'see the Bahamas!' side this sky water land view was on offer instead. 

Not having flown into Charlotte for a layover, I wasn't watching closely enough. One minute we were over the Atlantic, the next, we were over land, a land rich in rivers and farms, green with Spring. 

Get a little lower now

Oh sun!
Where there weren't farms there were these suburbs
that looked idyllically storybook like.
I bet no one has ever yelled or kicked a dog here. Ever.
Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina

Good-bye Charlotte! You look lovely, I'll be back by land.
A two hour long sunset accompanied us to Kansas City but the angle was just wrong and try as I might it wasn't going to happen except in my memories. 

There by the curbside was a better sight than clouds, my granddaughter and grandson, waiting to whisk me away. My granddaughter. Picked. Me. Up. At. The. Airport. 

And soon you'll hear the rest of the story.

Have a wickedly wonderful Wednesday. Do something wrapped in windswept wonder.

p.s. US Airways, please clean your windows!


  1. Downtown Charlotte, 'Uptown' as it's called, is New York City South. Amazing transformation over the last several years. From rundown factories and warehouses to upscale condos, apartments, restaurants, many music venues, off-Broadway shows.
    It is a fun downtown city. We go there several times a year.

    1. I'll probably be driving through there or at least near, in the Turtle. It's fun, of course you go there! Definitely checking out Asheville.