Monday, November 29, 2010

The day after Sunday

Yesterday may have been the laziest Sunday of my entire life, which included reading an entire Carl Haissen book I'd gotten from the library. A new Hiassen? A lazy day? It's like sushi and wasabi for me.

But finally, enough slugdom. Peeling away the cat, I took a walkabout  (ok, I walked around for awhile and then I couldn't turn down a ride to town), checking out bits and pieces of Culebra along the way. Town was quiet, after a busier weekend than we've seen in quite awhile. The rental car lots were full instead of empty, with holidayers returning their vehicles and heading back to their lives, hither and yon. Y'all come back now, hear? We'll be right where you left us.

The sun is out, the day is still new. Happy Monday!

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