Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What happens when it's not quite sunny and sort of not raining on Culebra

Well, what happens to me anyway. Not much. Except finding incredibly stupid things on the internet in between trying to write a freelance piece that is serious. Because I don't do serious very well or for very long, I need the interruptions. Walking around the yard looking at flowers only goes so far.

So what did I find? The Oatmeal is a great site if you have some laugh-until-you-cry time on your hands. Or maybe you won't laugh at all. Maybe you'll just cry. If so, I'm sorry in advance, but I don't want to know about it. You can find the answers to some of life's most pressing questions, such as Are Your Loved Ones Plotting to Eat You? Or maybe you're wondering if you really know How to Pet a Kitty. You did go get a kitty from yesterday's post, right? Ok, good start, but maybe you're new to being a kitty owner. This should help.

A real product
I found this was when I was looking for a picture of a can of pork brains. Oh sure, everybody has them but no one I know wants to admit it, and frankly, I was fresh out. Of pork brains in a can. But right there, on I Hate My Message Board was what I needed. In fact, it was way more than I needed. Because while I freely confess to actually once buying a can of pork brains (but that's another story), it was never opened. At least, by me. She did open it, and then she took photos. I could only look at them for about a micro zip because any longer and I was going to throw up. But I did read what she wrote and she's FUNNY! And worth checking out. You might want to pick another post though (even though I know you want to look). I understand. Really.

At the end of the day, I got the article close to done, and had a lot of laughs. The wind keeps blowing, and hopefully will blow away all the clouds so I can see if there is going to be a meteor show tonight (or rather, in the early a.m. of what most likely will be today for most readers). This morning I got up a tad too late; the clouds blew in just as I was getting comfy on the chaise lounge for optimal viewing. And the mozzies were also awake. Better luck this time, I hope!

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