Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Thanksgiving Dinner Update! Pies!

At the cart this morning, Chris came up and told me I had to go look at Digna's island cranberries, that they were so beautiful I should get a photo of them. Island cranberries? I'd never heard of them. He manned the cart and I crossed the bridge to see these wonderous berries. And there they were, like tiny peaches...glowing, just like Chris said they were! Digna couldn't believe I'd never seen or tasted one, so I got to try a couple of them...sweet but more tart, they were delicious and I could only imagine how fine they would be in the baked goodie she had planned. It will be at El Batey tomorrow, along with the smoked turkeys Tomasito will be making in the smoke pit. Yum! I might have to have two dinners tomorrow...

Pies, anyone? One day only!

Later on I was looking down the street and Jacinto and Kate's brother (the artist behind Rigausol Art) were putting up the new sign for Susie' could I resist?
First of the season gratuitous Jacinto cute butt shot (of course there will be more!)
What a beautiful sign!!!


  1. beautiful sign!!! yes Hello MJ this is Richard! nice shot...see you at susie's restaurant

  2. Hi Richard, painter of the beautiful sign!! I do love that sign. See you at Susie's (or the PO, or just wandering).