Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey day is almost here, that must mean the Culebra Turkey Race!

Daphne didn't want to stop running...ever!
Of course, I, as usual, didn't know the race was going on (when the announcement truck came by my house yesterday, he was humming a tune and then was too far away to hear anything he was saying - nice tune though). Luckily I stumbled across it as I was heading home from town, but missing the best part...the children running. There sure were a lot of them and that was wonderful to see! As for the adults, they were still coming in, but I missed Raquel's winning, Monika second and Kelly third for the women, along with our usual athlete star winning the men's, with Lawrence second and Jim third. I think that's how it went anyway. The no-see-ums came out in force and I headed into the wind before the turkey presentations. Sorry about that!.

A great crowd of friends and families
Can you spot the winner of the men's race in this photo?
Yesterday started with rain but soon moved back to glorious blue, sunny skies with a lot of wind. Mid-morning saw a couple of critters hiding out from the sunshine. See the notch on the cat's ear? That means it is fixed, no more kitties from this one! Susie and Jacinto take care of a lot of cats that don't have 'formal' homes, getting them spayed and neutered as well as feeding and watering them every day. For them and the many others who do the same for animals in their own neighborhoods, I give thanks. The chickens are on their own!


It looks like another gorgeous day as we approach our day of Thanks around here. Melones, 2 p.m. if you don't have somewhere else to go (and there are quite a few choices, Dinghy Dock, Mamacita's, Susie's to name a few) - bring a dish, savory or sweet, your favorite beverage of choice, some mosquito coils would be a good idea just in case, and maybe some beach chairs if you have them. There are tables there, but as usual, the head count is elusive, so best to over prepare.

Have a windy Wednesday! We will. Start counting your blessings wonderful!


  1. Well, learn something new every day. I always attributed the notches in the kitty ears to the chickens. I guess I'll have to give the chickens a pass this time. But I still blame them for the one-eyed cat that hangs out by your cart!

  2. Ok! I've never asked about that story, but it wouldn't surprise me...those chickens are tough (well, I've never eaten one...I don't think...but you know what I mean).