Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Culebra Odds and Ends

First, thank you to those who have written with offers of help, including donations, along with positive feedback and encouragement concerning Marsha's cats and Animal Welfare of Culebra. Each caring person means a lot and on behalf of AWC, here is one expression of thanks! The job isn't even close to done, but having hope is huge. Again, time is running very short; if you come up with one home for one cat, you've saved a life and enriched a home.

Some announcements here on a couple of local businesses! D's Garden, our wonderful nursery, now located down the street opposite from Genesis (take that street and go around to the end, and there she is) ready to make your holidays brighter! She is open Wednesdays to Saturday, 9-3. The phone # 787-435-9844. 

"I also have poinsettias baskets $13.00 red, basket of three color red/white/pink $14.00,  6" pot red $4.00.  Every month I will have a different type of sale."

Diane will let me know about the sale plants and I'll pass them along here. Check it out!

Smoke Tender Wow is going to be serving breakfast on the ferry dock! Breakfast burritos, anyone? Eggs and smoked meat sound good to me, or maybe a sandwich on homemade bread. There will also be sticky buns. Don't know what a sticky bun is? Go down to the dock and find out for yourself. French press coffee  and Old Fashioned sodas will also be available.

The 7 day a week hours are: Sunday - Wednesday 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m,
                                            Thursday - Saturday 6 a.m. to 12:00

Full Moon parties included! Oops, missed that one! Pictures to come, just as soon as I get down to the ferry at 6:00 a.m. in need of a burrito... You can find Smoke Tender Wow on Facebook, if you like.

Susie's opens Wednesday! New and old mix on the menu, come see what she's doing in the kitchen this year! For a sample of what's on the menu (with more to be added), here is her website.

And, by the way...I've heard a number of people have canceled their holidays here because of the news about the ferry's and planes. It's not perfect yet (it never WAS perfect, we live on a freakin' island, for goodness sake), but the ferry's are running, planes are flying and people are getting here and out on a pretty good schedule, so pass the word. CNN spread the bad news, now it's time to spread the present reality!

I'm not JUST about announcing things for cats, plants and food, but that's it for now; something to chew on while you have your morning eye-opener of choice on this windy (here) morning. I think the rain might be done for the day...we'll see what happens next.

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