Sunday, November 21, 2010

One of the Paradox's of Paradise. You can help.

I am once again posting this , not only for Teresa, but for these animals who have known only two things in their lives, first, abandonment and then love, every time Marsha opened her door, her pocketbook and her and Ren's hearts to take them in. Now some of them are knowing an intensely  cruel death, by poisoning. Please read the following and if there is ANYthing you can do, suggest or encourage others to do to help give these cats happy, loving homes, contact Teresa or you can respond here and I'll pass it along. Thank you! MJ

Hi everyone, am sorry to report that we have lost more cats at Marsha's house.  As I'm sure that most of you know by now, homes are urgently needed for them. 

Poisoning causes a horrible death that we have not been able to stop in Culebra and we greatly fear for the lives of the remaining cats.  We are asking for your help in contacting all of your friends and associates to see if they would be willing to provide a
home for some that are great pets and/or others that are great mousers for yard/grounds duty!  The cats are being taken care of and fed twice daily, and continue to receive Tender Loving Care as much as is
possible. But Marsha and Ren's house is going to be vacated in December and the situation is becoming more urgent with each
passing day.  And the poisoning situation won't wait until December, it takes lives at every opportunity.

These are beautiful adult cats with wonderful personalities and sweet dispositions.  All have been spay/neutered and given veterinary care.They deserve to live full lives, and if we all spread the word about this wonderful cat adoption opportunity, then I am sure that we will succeed in finding homes for them.

If you know of any of your friends either here or in the states that might be looking for a cat, please ask them to consider one of these. I have photos and history of all of them.  Some are indoor-outdoor cats, some prefer to be outdoor all of the time.  Most of them like to be around other cats and some are better than others around dogs.
Most are absolutely wonderful with children. They are affectionate and eagerly seek a kind gesture, a loving scratch behind the ear, and sometimes also a lap to sit in!  A few are still a little new at the "pet" concept and would make terrific farm or yard guardians,helping tremendously with rodent control.

Please open your hearts and help with this situation.  Just a phone call or a reminder to your friends can reap incredible results.  Most of the Culebra dog and cat adoption
successes are the results of casual conversations and unplanned networking, so imagine what all of us acting together can do!

Thank you for any and all help or suggestions.  For information on any of the cats or to arrange a visit to meet them, please contact me via cell or email.. 787-409-6380 and

With sincere gratitude,
Teresa, on behalf of  Animal Welfare of Culebra.