Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dedicated to Gus

I learned, right before leaving for the music festival on Friday, about Gus; that he was in a coma, in the final stages of Hodgkins disease. I had no idea...

Knowing there is nothing to do or say or even hope for, except a miracle unexpected, it made going off for a weekend of fun a strange, strange feeling. When we got there, my son hugged me and said "Let's dedicate this weekend to your buddy Gus." It was the totally right thing to say and do, because if anything, Gus, along with his many friends, loved a party.

 (My photos of Gus are at home on the external hd. I think Peri might have taken this one, one of my favorites. You can find more photos on his facebook page.

And so we did.

Lisa's booth - glass work, metal work, art, clothing and hot sauce!
 One of many princesses
Vrai with the infamous marshmallow gun
Probably my favorite of many campers
The new and the old
Great tiny cabins on trailers
Kid fun
Some serious dreads
Light show
For Lewis
Just one of so many excellent bands - Zero

Hoopin' to the music
The second stage was set in front of this huge redwood
Bagpipe with armpit bellows - really nice sound
Bubble joy
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Tents everywhere
Hee Haw (the organizer and producer), Mary and Elijah
Ryan in the booth at night
Lights on the pines
When the full moon came out of the clouds
The music went from 10 a.m. Friday to dawn Sunday
Cozied up while a really good version of Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner played
Hoola Hoop Cowgirl

At one point, one of the bands opened a song by saying, 'This is for any of you who have lost someone in the last year or so...'. Like attractants to a revival altar, one by one some walked up to the front, joined together in unspoken shared loss. Yes, I did and yes, I cried. It was very soft and very gentle and very good.

Gus passed yesterday. What to say that isn't said already? Farewell, mi amigo.


  1. Sad for you and all of the Culebra family. I didn't have a relationship with Gus, but his FB pictures verify that many of his friends are friends of mine. And I'm glad that the festival provided a vehicle for solace.

    And of all the possible festival formats, I find that the Deadhead vibe is so much more positive and rewarding. We just found out that our annual "Farm Party", starring our beloved cover band, Jakes Leg has been cancelled, but that a re-formatted version is in the works. As long as there are people like Lewis and the Leg (and there doesn't appear to be any let-up) we will have these karmic pleasures to keep us real.

  2. While I am not a DeadHead by any stretch of the imagination, a lot of the songs brought back some good memories and the vibe was pretty much perfect...a lot of peace and love, yes.

  3. Not only Lewis and the Leg, but there are plenty of young kids that are dedicated to keeping the vibe alive. I don't think it's so much about the Dead, as it is the love and peace that surrounds the people that follow the Dead. I went to my second "Dead" show in 13 years, and though I don't appreciate the music like some do, it was much more enjoyable than the last (the LAST!) Jimmy Buffett concert I went to. The crowd are so into the spirit and rhythm of the music - it's just amazing - and I don't think it's because they're all high either. They may be high, but they are high on life and the moment as well. :-)

  4. It was nice to see a lot of young people having a great time in a glad way. Hoola hoops have apparently made a BIG comeback and it's a big deal at the music festivals now. What is more fun than that?! And no, I didn't try. I couldn't hoola hoop when I was 10, doubt I'd be much improved now...

  5. Debbie puts her finger on it. Jakes Leg has been playing for 35 or so years, much of it based out of a ramshackle bar near St. Louis University. That was time enough to observe at least three generations of college freshmen display the tie dye, 'kind' vibe and yes, Dead music is the soundtrack. I enjoyed it very high then and enjoy it sober now, equally.

  6. What is more fun than that? LIGHTED hula hoops! Crazy kids. I also can't (never could) hula hoop, but I've got some hippie friends that rock it.

  7. I enjoyed it both ways myself...