Saturday, August 6, 2011

I wrote what???? Google rant ahead. You've been warned.

As a non-texter, I've read with mixed amusement and 'what??!!' some of the circulating emails about the built in text 'corrections' that happen on occasion. I've been smugly glad I wouldn't (by mistake anyway) make some major faux pax such as the girl who texted her father for permission to do something and somehow the word penis got in the request, much to both the sender and reader's embarrassment.

Biltmore Hotel, Miami, where my brother was feteing
But that is history. Because now Google has implemented the same function in their search engine. I didn't notice it until this morning, when I wanted to tease my brother with the line from the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...but I couldn't remember the entire line as it goes, so plugged in the title name to find the quote. But Google knows better. What I REALLY wanted to find out about was Lifestyle condoms. Well of course I did! Who wouldn't?

Maybe far out here in the California woods, I need this information more than I know. Maybe Google has a little seer-like insight to my private life(style), maybe they know that I should be looking forward to needing this product. Maybe I should be more nervous than bewildered at technology's assumptions. Or...

From another rant on Google
Maybe they should just leave a good thing alone! I didn't mind the spelling corrections, in fact, I welcomed them. I've used that little upper right hand corner box as my instant dictionary many times. But if I'm searching for something, Google, let ME direct the search, not you!

Ok, I feel better now. I found what I wanted (or thought I wanted) but instead, I'll be posting all about...oh. No I won't. Never mind. But I might be putting up a petition to Google to get rid of that feature...

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, y'all.

Have a searching Saturday! Do something surprising.


  1. You can turn it off. Click on the little 'gear' in the upper right hand corner. Go to search settings, scroll down and select Do not use Google Instant and Remove Google Instant results from search history. Voila. I turn mine off at home and on at work, since it does speed things up and lessens my chance of getting caught surfing ;-).

  2. Yeah - Thanks, Dougie!!