Friday, August 19, 2011

Travel dreams?

I was going to tell you about this pretty crazy, very detailed dream I had last night where, in order to save fuels and restore the pristine places in the world, including Old World and other ancient cities that are cluttered with tourists obscuring everything, along with leaving their droppings, that will never appear as they did only 50 years ago, the Planners that Be had come up with a drug you could take. You'd buy a plane ticket to where ever, take this pill and dream/experience your itinerary. You'd pay for hikes and hotels, keeping everyone employed, but it wouldn't be anything except the programmed inside of your head.

Well, I was going to tell you that dream but I know some people really don't like hearing other people's dreams, so I won't do that. Instead, because soon we are leaving for camping, sans drug induced realities, I'll give you the quick view of my morning here, not throwing in the laundry. But if you could fold it for me, I'd appreciate it!

This is the other view I see when I wake up, tree continents drifted apart. The blue is achingly blue.
Tomato blossoms at first light
Where's that acorn?
 Sweet (and deadly) peas grabbing the sun

I swear this is not is just insanely red, white and green

 Now, since no one showed up to fold my laundry, I'm off. We've been given a hunk of bear meat to eat at Bear Harbor, hopefully propitiating the bear gods. Camera batteries charged up in more hopes of elk sightings and general all out mind/soul lifting beauty. What else? Must be something else. I'm sure I'll figure it out when we're wayyyyyyy out there.

Free range Friday is truly going free range today, back with the results later.

Have a just plain fun Friday! Do something fitting.

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