Thursday, August 11, 2011


After having a half dozen people ask if I'd be making any hot sauce while I'm here (they'd gotten some from my son), I pulled together a California version. Buying spices from the bulk section in the market, canning jars instead of flasks, and hoping for the best, I gave some Bajan heat a try.

Instead of wax and raffia, I am going to check out some yarn from Janet's wool mill...we'll see how it goes. But the important part is, it tastes great! Honey Heat next!

While waiting for the various processes of making hot sauce to move along, I figured I might as well make some bread (get back on the horse, all that). For luck, I took an extra bit of dough to make a design on the top. Here's what happened.
Culebra snake, meet California slug
It rose beautifully and I'm happy.

A good long day, topped off by an almost full moon

Today we're headed over to a friend of Elijah's to help her help a friend. Just like home. Nice.

Have a take it to the limit Tuesday! Do something with torque.

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