Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Emily and Culebra

As per request (and the first thing I looked at this morning beside sunshine and blue skies here) is a 'from Culebra' report, as of three hours ago. Thanks, T!

"Attaching a photo of the morning, just a very overcast, windy day with chop outside the reef.
Nothing really unusual weather-wise, but it always
feels different when you know that there is something out there. Maybe we'll get some heavy rains throughout the day, but so far the
last 24 hours it's just been quickly passing white-outs now and then.
Fast tracking bands blowing through. 
Between the bands yesterday we would have stunning blinding sunshine, what a contrast."

And that's the way it is! The radar is showing a lot of rain, but nothing like it could have been!
For a bigger picture, check out the loop link here.

Have a Welcome Away Emily Wednesday! Do something gratefully knockin' on wood.

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