Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little of this and that

Busy! I've been busy up here and it's all good. Fun busy, work busy. happy busy. Big score of the last two days is a set of knives we found a good deal on*, we're ALL excited. Especially about the bread knife.

One project was starting the work on Elijah's porch. He'd already poured concrete a long while back but we were ready with our Black Sands tiny pebbles to nice sized stones, along with some tiles that came from somewhere.

 Before (of course, all the furniture was taken off first)

 Poco a poco!

Alrighty then! Let's move the couch back!

Naturally, I forgot to get that couch back photo because Janet came by to help Elijah with his loom/weave/warp/other words I don't know project. It's very involved and I am impressed with the skills needed. Janet just flicks things around to their proper places and I know I'd have yarn (that she spun, by the way) jumping in my hair and around my arms and fingers if I touched a thing...

And then we...

So many impressions of life someplace so different but so much like home. Bread baking, honey bees, gardens. Crazy cliff edged roads and laughter and rivers and dogs. The Pacific ocean. Freaking cold!!! Huge rocks and huge trees and huge mountain ranges. Berries and berries and berries. Laughter. Stories. History, poured out in personal and geographical doses. I couldn't take enough photographs if I had a) another lifetime and b) less desire to be a part rather than an observer. Some of the time. Did I mention laughter?

I have been watching the weather closely and while Culebra is still under a TS warning, it seems a southerly direction was just far enough. But I'm not there...

The weather here is on the barely getting a little cooler each night. The days are perfect, even hot. But this is what I saw when I woke up.

And then there was coffee...and sunshine. Schmazin'...

Late posting or early posting as you read it in your time zone...have a total and wonderful Tuesday/Wednesday! Do something terrifically wacky!

*I'm telling this here to let you know, gentle reader, that excitement here is just about on a par with Culebra. As is my ability to appreciate the entertainment level. Just so you know.


  1. I am waiting for you to start talking about Emily. Good luck, you're in the cone.

  2. I have mentioned Emily a few times! My first look at the radar this morning is 'lots of rain'. Yesterday I heard windy and some rain, nothing extreme. Haven't heard a morning report yet...