Monday, August 29, 2011

Hawthorne Street Fair

On the way to Hawthorne Street
Yesterday, here in Portland, was the Hawthorne Street Fair. Nicely not far from my daughter's house, I walked over to check it out. Blocks and blocks and blocks of vendors, many from the shops that line the street, along with some set up booths in parking lots. Bands played, clowns smiled, it was a happy crowd. Lots of food vendors, to the point that I really wasn't hungry for any of it; sort of inhaling the aromas and sights of gyros and burritos and fried dough, veggie concoctions alongside beers and wines. I still feel full just thinking about it, really. Through it all, at different intersections, there seemed to be bicycling events: dozens passing through with every kind of bike ever made and a few, like the fish bike, that I'm fairly sure was a one off. A good time had by all, it appeared, with only one whining child heard in two hours...

Here are too many photos, but that's how fairs go!

 I want to take this truck back to Culebra...full.

 He is gazing with longing at his master ('s plate) inside the cafe...

 I don't know the story, but I bet it's sad

 Of course I had to go inside this store!

 This is the Gold Door, where they kindly let me take pics...

 The business card says Ethnographic and Contemporary Jewelry and Decorative Arts
I guess there wasn't enough room to say Wildly Diverse Weird and Wonderful Treasures

 Every time I turned around there was just...more, and this wasn't nearly all of it

 When I saw this section, I thought of Zach, so this is for you, Zach!

 This one made me miss my girl friends at home...

 And this carved water buffalo skull is a visual gift to my bro. 
Sorry, it won't fit in my suitcase. Or my bank account.

 Good Dad!

 A boutique?

 Pier 1?

 No...the strangest and most $$$ Goodwill I've ever been in. Really.

 I'm not sure why, when I'm in cities, I see angel wing people every time. 
But I do.

 Sometimes California and Portland seem very close together...
(may we NEVER have a vegan style Happy Hour on Culebra - some things just ain't right)

 One band of many really good musicians

I'm not sure I really get what is going on at Bagdads, but I really like the sign

 I liked this guy's tee shirt as well...Knuckle Busters Garage, Sturgis, South Dakota
(which, I was sad to find out, is now just a bar - well maybe more than just a bar)

This was in the window of a very, very, very cool antique store - old dentist chairs complete with instruments - that lime green steel set up, remember?, a gypsy fortune teller machine, a cherry pitter I wanted so much, its unique oval rotating gear worth the price, but the woman overseeing it all was so forbidding looking I was scared to ask permission to take photos. Sorry! 
Oh, and the sign? Supposedly that is to warn people OFF of marijuana, 
but I'm not sure the message really works that way.

A few seconds of the above band...

Thus ended the afternoon portion of my day. Unfortunately my daughter had to work so I solo'd it. Two hours and I missed quite a few more blocks but I was close to od'd on activity. At home, I made rosemary garlic bread; this one turned out perfectly, maybe too perfectly as it's almost gone, too fast to get a photo and the edge just isn't that interesting. I might try to make the remaining dough into rolls later today...

In the meantime, have a melodious Monday! Do something more.

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