Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Days and Salmon Dinners

Because I am not using my computer as much, emails sometimes get pushed to the next page before I get around to finding them (so if I've not responded to something I should have responded to, email me again! Sorry).

This one from Nancy was worth finding, I hadn't thought about my psycho landlord in awhile. The Greg sightings continue (this one was in Baltimore), or he might be home by now, this is from the end of July. But it's funny how people up and down the east coast are seeing him...

We haven't gotten back down to the beach to buy some fresh salmon, so last night we did the not even close to the same, but delicious thing. We had some lox and bagels, with homemade cream cheese and tomato and basil from the garden, along with the traditional capers. The days here are really warm, sliding to hot, with the nights cold (to me). So around dusk, as the heat of the day is waning, this made a not so light but cool and delicious meal. And while I'd never put basil on this before, Elijah did and I'll do it from now on; it really works!

Yes, the salmon really is that color!

This morning when I woke up, there was one fairly pink cloud behind the ridge. I wanted to take a photo but I was too cozy and warm and the camera was not within arm's reach. I dozed and woke, watching it change color, spread, come apart a bit. I noticed it because usually when I wake up it is either pre-dawn greyish, foggy or blue. I haven't seen a lot of real clouds! So this one was notable, even if not filled with our wild color show from home.

Not a bad view to wake up seeing. The pink was allllllllmost gone.

Little tomatoes are coming on to the plants here. While out in the 'real' garden, they are big and just starting to be picked, I'm excited anyway...and the passion fruit are hanging on as well. It's the little things...

Later on we'll go to town to see what we can see. I love the thrift store in town, there is always something new to check out (and warm shirts to buy!). The woman there knows every bit of every bit she has and I like talking to her. It's a good treasures (cool antiques) to trash (not quite but...) and all in-between, my favorite sort of thrift store. Maybe we'll get down to the beach for fish. It's a rambling sort of place that way, in the way of Culebra. What's not to like?

Have a toe tappin' Thursday! Do something taste tingling.

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  1. Bagels and cream cheese and lox! Oy Vey!