Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slow Down Sunday

At night,in this so very far from city lights place, there are so many stars visible that they come down to the horizon in a brilliant, almost eye hurting, sky circus canopy.

I cannot even find the half dozen constellations I know, not even ever so obvious Orion the Hunter, my fairly constant companion on Culebra, and only the Milky Way is obvious in the glitter. It is a bit dizzying, really. Last night the moon, slightly more than half-way to full, shone brightly enough to shove a few million stars off the celestial stage...

This morning I picked my first flat of blackberries! Here on the farm, berries are the crop for sale; strawberries first (they are done now), then raspberries - they are almost done, and finally blackberries, which are just reaching their stride. Since the only blackberries I've picked in recent years are those on the side of quiet roads in Maine and North Carolina, this is pretty different...knowing they are for sale means not licking my fingers after an errant one finds its way, let us say, not into the flat. You're welcome, berry buyers!

Yesterday I was feeling the post effects of too much time in the sun from gardening (yes, I know...don't even go there) and laid low waiting for the headache to go away. Since I no longer have photo albums to thumb through in idle times, I was clicking through some old photos and found one I had to share, just because it makes me happy and might make a few readers grin as well. It IS Sunday Funday after all...

Bike Steve and Cra Joanna
And because I'm in a Joanna sort of memory's one more. Ok, two more.

 Joanna and Gifford on a typical Heather's night

  Not much to grab there, Joanna 
(but that never stopped her from trying, with 'boyfriends' and strangers alike)

If you never met Joanna...I don't have the descriptive powers to describe her. But maybe these photos will give you a hint..we don't call her Crazy Joanna for nothin'. BTW, if anyone has heard how she's doing on the big island lately, I'd love to know.

Have a memory sappy Sunday! Do something with your own Style.


  1. Re: Orion

    At our latitude in StL, Orion is always hanging low in the south, kinda flattened out compared to the robust overhead-in-your-face Hunter we see on Culebra. I'm pretty sure you are well north of us there so it could easily be hiding.

  2. Thanks, I need to check it's definitely hiding, like a tree in a very big forest.