Sunday, August 28, 2011

In the Hood

Since we aren't concerned with hurricanes here, there are other things to do on a weekend. But yesterday's plans to get to the farmer's market fell through for various and sundry reasons  A Saturday in downtown Portland last year looked like this. This year, we'll try again, but for now, my yesterday was closer to home, and looked like this instead.

 How rosemary grows in Portland
 (yes, Rosemary Garlic bread will be made today!)

 An old, old apple tree

 People really get into gardening here, flowers and veggies both - it's beautiful!

Blooming artichoke!

Once again I'm falling in love with the architecture here, though I haven't gotten shots of anything yet. The home pictured (not my photo) is one we passed by the other evening, lights on, peeking possible. Leaded windows, lovely porches; one style of so many...

A couple of days ago I walked about 50 blocks to find a place that might be able to help me get a 'new' power adapter for my ibook. I could have taken the bus but the walk was worth it, neighborhoods topsy turvy with homes split into apartments, the occasional grand home sitting in the center of a block sized yard, bars and tattoo shops next to doctors' offices, even a field called an Urban Farm, now empty of the goats a ragged sign described, leaving it to the crows. Or some big black bird that weren't close enough to identify, if I even knew it anyway.

Finally, downtown Portland was hoving into my sweaty view and an industrial area full of warehouses that had, variously, lumber, machinery that did I have no idea what but emitted a hot, oily smell, one labeled, in brass, Oregon Brass works, with metal tubs stacked up and full of much clanking and banging, came the sign I was looking for, Free Geek, a non-profit set up with a system in place to get computers rehabbed and back into public circulation. While the first guy told me they didn't have what I needed, another guy told me he thought they did, and voila! out he came with exactly the adapter, at a fourth of the price I'd have to pay otherwise. 

I took the bus home, too hot to do what I'd thought on the way there, check out some of the little shops along the way, especially including a Zupan's Market, one of those food shopping mecca's for those of us on Culebra who love to cook and by necessity become experts at substituting what is available rather than what is a recipe or inspiration calls for. Next time!

For all in Irene's diminishing wake, thoughts are with you. If she was less than expected, be glad. If she met the hoopla or more, speedy recovery!

Have a sensate Sunday! Do something smoothly.


  1. That artichoke is very cool!

  2. Mark, I thought so too...but I can't imagine not eating it first!

  3. That old, old apple tree looks just a little bit erotic. Just sayin'. Could be me. As always, wonderful photos!

  4. Erotic, eh? Hmmm, she wrote innocently. Thanks on the photo praise; does a body good!