Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Beside having a couple of hundred photos to go through, having fun with Vrai (a friend's 8 year old awesome son who has been with us this week) and the connection at times being v e r y slow, I was distracted yesterday with a girl named Irene. Happy to report that aside from power outages, downed limbs and a report that three boats broke loose (I don't know details) and the ferry schedule being skewed up, Culebra is on her feet and clean up is underway. Thank you, Universe! From 4000 miles away, it made for a lot of satellite/radar/checking in with friends sort of day and night. Thanks, you who kept me in the loop! And major kudos to Suzanne from the Finca, who kept (and is keeping) reports coming steadily. Good job, chica! If you are interested in being on her weather update mailing list, all you need to do is email her and ask!

Ok, back to camping!! Where was I...right, Bear Harbor, part of the National State Park system here and one of the sweetest parks I've ever been in. Very out there, yet with great camp sites. Big iron pots (like sugar boiling pots) for fires, a picnic table and what else is needed? We got the primo site, the one where you walk on a wide plank to cross one of the streams to get to the site. That's after crossing a bridge, a rough, wonderful little bridge. Flowers and blackberry bushes everywhere, with elk trails wandering through it all. And then, in front of all of that, Bear Harbor! A beach strewn with gigantic driftwood, more like drift trees, huge huge.

When the tide went out, the tidal pools became visible. And the places around the huge rocks that were water surrounded became walkable, so of course, we checked out the tidal pools and I saw my first chitons, clamped tight to the rocks. But then we found a dead one of the most exquisite teal color...Vrai is the tide pool champ!

At one point, we were all on the beach, just sitting when, without being all hoodoo voodoo, I had this intense feeling that if I took a walk, I'd see an elk herd. I left the camera with Elijah, even though I knew I'd want it, but maybe that would jinx it so I left it. About halfway up the path, it turns a corner, rising up a few feet, right before a small bridge. I came around the corner and there they were. About 20 elk, mostly older females, a few babies and one magnificent bull with antlers at least 4 feet tall (for once, I'm not exaggerating). He looked straight at me and I backed up a few steps. For a minute or two, everything was quiet but he decided to gently move his herd along, while staying in place himself. Two of the babies acted like little kids, running up the path and down,

One day later, still trying to get this done. But emails and Irene and company and getting ready to go to Portland tomorrow morning are bogging my posting down...so without waiting any longer, as this day is well past time to get moving, here is a starter!

 View on the way into the park...later, blue skies
 due to cloud buster thinking!

 First elk seen, literally a minute into the park

 First glimpse of our camping spot

 Looking down the cliff

Hope to finish this tonight before heading to Portland in the a.m. Please keep all your positive thoughts flowing to the Turks and Caicos and Bahama chain...

Have a together Tuesday! Do something tough.

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