Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Another Thursday in Paradox

Yesterday we had one of those crazy, gorgeous dawnings that wrap up the whole world in vibrancy. For all you people who say you aren't morning people? You're missing something wonderful!

This morning was a whole different story. The colors were subtle, gentle on the eyes and spirit, but still some kind of wonder full.

The water is rough today, with whitecaps piling in on top of each other. Even my little bay has some roiling going on. 

The early part of my day tripping involved a trip to the hospital to see if I'd get my cast off (castoff), and hooray, I did, snip snip snip gone. It's replaced with a tidy wrapping around the ouchy part (sorry for the medical jargon, but I like using correct terminology). A shot of something that - sorry, Dr. B, for clutching your shoulder, hope there are no bruises - either made it feel better or just seemed to feel better because the shot was over with and I was off and away. Not unlike Superwoman. It was a helpful shot.

Fun things that happen in the clinic: you always see someone you know and have time to enjoy a conversation beyond the hello's in the street, it's sort of like a weird cocktail party with water in pointy paper cups instead of your beverage of choice. Unless water is your beverage of choice; and you get one of the best views to be had on Culebra. I think us walkers get a better look at it than the drivers, though I'd skip the uphill walk if possible. The downhill walk, with Dr. time done and no place to go in a hurry, is a joy, like a lollipop for grown-ups.

How's the view from your doctor's office? Yes, we're very lucky!
It's really cold in the waiting room and the sun and breeze felt good enough to turn right instead of left to go down to the plaza for a lookabout. Like a walkabout, with your eyes. I know you knew that.

Then to the library (I tend to go for the no-need-to-check-out books, as I find getting books back on time a mystery of life not quite figured out) where there is always something to bring home, sometimes something I've read before and realize on page 3, which is why I always bring home at least two books. A good chat with a friend I ran into along the way and a party invite to celebrate, well, it sounds like to celebrate everything even remotely near the date of November 2nd. Culebra. Oh Culebra.

And while we are having this beautiful day, Sandy is plowing northward through Cuba and expected to make a run up the northeast coast, full blast. I hope all in the path heed the watches and warnings and come through unscathed. It happens.

I love this tree. I love these flowers. Eyes open, they are littering the ground all over the island.
Have an untarnished Thursday. Do something twinkly.

p.s. Welcome temporarily home, Bike Steve, along with your lovely and funny bride, and family!

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