Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fair Well's and Fur

Tina came dockside to pick me up yesterday so we could have a last afternoon together before she, Mark and a tripartite of cats head back to St. Croix, and soon onward to points south.

Pretend and you can see the lobster (you can, orangely, and no, not the leaf) I wanted badly to capture for lunch. The lobster had  other plans.

There's room for everyone. Except cruise ships and personally driven loud as a multihuge tribe of monkeys come upon cymbals and bang sticks peace disturbing water craft.
After a slow bay and town tour, with a nacho-oh-two-bellies-groaning-full stop at Dinghy Dock (thanks Mike G. for the solar panel wire! Once again, you are a god) we headed out to the boat.

Cats know when change is literally in the wind...every one of them was sticking close.

Stern cat.

Tina being ever so helpful as Mark grills dinner.
This morning at dawn thirty the plan was for them to be anchor up and away. I am usually awake at that time and thought I might get one photo of bay leaving, but of course I slept later than ever in my life, the fourth time in fifty nine eight years, a trend I don't intend to continue. Maybe I was being somewhat kept in the dark, as this is the first thing I saw when I woke up.

The red in the background is a perfectly good pile of cat bed. Maybe I should start sleeping there

Fair winds and followings seas (even though I know they will have the wind right on the nose for this leg of the trip), you two! Memories swirled with plans of new adventures while the wind cried tarry.
In case you haven't gotten the memo, we have our first named storm of the year, Andrea. If you AREN'T prepared maybe this will give you a bit of a reality check. While Andrea isn't going to (knock knock knockin' on wood) do much, she's a taste of months to come.

Have a telescopically telling Thursday. Do something thanklessly (so far) theoretical on a timely tangent.


  1. We should be in Savannah about 9:30am tomorrow. Hoping Andrea is north by then. Luckily we're flying not driving. 2 hour flight, 7 hour drive? I'll fly. Also, in my next life, if I come back as a cat I want to be a sailboat cat. Looks like a nice gig.

    1. If you encounter Andrea, it should just be a rain event, and yes, flying is the way to go in that scenario!

      I think I want to be one of Teresa's foundlings, if I must comeback as a 4 legged one rather than a finned air breather!

    2. A finned air breather,yes, but stay away from Japan, they'll eat you.

    3. Japanese dolphins eat people? We're going to have to talk!