Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Another Monday, er...Tuesday

For the first time in my Culebra house sitting life, I'm in town. I've never been a townie before, ever, and with only one two nights and one two early walkabouts, my reports are in, it's interesting, one word to cover a multitude of observations . The different noises, the much louder roosters (does the noise echo off the buildings? how can this be louder when I have so many wild roosters at home?). The slightest feeling of bustle.

Loud, proud and beautiful
Knowing all things 'town' are much closer to hand is fun, for this while. Get to the Post Office? Two minutes away! Bigger markets? A stroll. Restaurants and bars and ferry dock, oh my!

Of course, over my time here, many of those things seem, in onesies, to have headed out my way: a ferreteria (Randaluz) with a liquor store, a market (Genesis) and soon, Susie's restaurant will be practically across the street. There's not the PO of course, or the bank. I don't mind in any way that they've not 'branched out' but who knows? Maybe there will be a mail delivery service one day - I doubt it though and that's okay, in fact, it's better than okay. It's Culebra, where picking up mail is a social event I'd miss. And I seriously don't mind the ferry dock not being in my end of the woods; I can hear the horn blow and that is enough confirmation for me.

Morning comes differently here, the light diffused by banana trees outside the window, early morning traffic, going to the ferry, going to work, opening up the day. At home, it's the neigh of the horses next door, awaiting grain, grass and water; the birds flying about looking for food of a different sort, the splash of a pelican on a dive.

A small island, but one of many parts. People who live in New York City tell me the same reality is at play, all under one umbrella of a city name but many different neighborhoods, each unique, each 'the best place' according to its denizens. Of course, they have sushi available 24/7 and even living in town for awhile doesn't hold out that hope for me here. I think we have a fair enough trade off though. At least, that's what I hear from New Yorkers...

Have a tend to your taste Tuesday. Do something territorial.


  1. You're right about the roosters. Different decibel in town. At the house we stay at in Dewey, outside the bedroom window, two feet from my left ear, there are two kayaks, tops at window sill height. There is a low tin roof over this porch. Every morning a little after daybreak a local rooster sits on these kayaks and cock-a-doddle-dos like it's his last. It is as loud as a gunshot. Good thing is, after this first one, he moves on away through the neighborhood. This must be an old rooster, he's been doing it for years. I'll miss him when he's gone.

    1. Yes, there are much worse sounds that could jar me awake at 4 in the morning...grateful am I!