Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feelin' Groovy

Waking up rained in feels like yippee! can't go to school day. Of course, the rain will stop and choices will open up again, choices and life demands, but for a little while after waking, I could almost hear the ring of a rotary dialed bakelite phone, with my Dad calling me back saying it was okay to stay home. Delicious.

By the time I slog through this to get to the chickens, slip sliding in my sandals, I'm either cursing or laughing. Pretty much the same thing.

How much has it rained? Fungi on the tree stump under the orchid how much.

This is spectacular grass. And when the crepe myrtle blossoms rain onto it...ahhhhhh.

A bird bath. See the feather?

Ok, the breeze shifted things, see it now? Rain art. More rain art.

This orchid...yes.

Simple is never really simple here. This intricate window set into concrete blocks...Culebra!

Down at the public dock, one of the island artists was painting.

Birds were like teens cruising Main Street on a Friday night, looking to score.

Moon, rain, fish weather!

2 points for Name This Man

Some more glorious mangoes

And now the rain has taken a break, so mud slogging I must go. A cat and chickens await a late breakfast.

Have a warmed Wednesday. Do something whistling.


  1. Mystery Man=CheaLee of course.
    Or otherwise known as "Money Man".

    1. You win! Two points for being right, 1758 points for being first to be right!

    2. his reall name is jose elias encarnacion

    3. Oh my!! I didn't know that, thanks! Only took 11 years to find that out ;)

  2. Didn't know his name, but he's the Mayra man to us. Debbie told him, years ago, that he has "the most beautiful hair". She always gets a big smile from him when we go in his store. The orchid photo needs to go in the 'for sale' file. Very nice.

    1. Good hair indeed! Thanks on the orchid photo...yeah, it worked!