Sunday, June 9, 2013

Simple Sunday ~ Culebra

oh laughing gull

oh laughing gull
with mocking ways
soar over us
on summer days

ride with the wind
screech from the shore
beg on the beach
return for more

follow a trash truck
find an old scrap
there's meals on wheels
when you adapt

sit on a pylon
overlook the bay
squawk at the tourist
who gets in your way

follow the ferry
feed in its wake
catch bread from kids
who'd rather eat cake

drift off on a wave
bob up and down
if there were a circus
you'd be the clown

skim the blue water
sail off to the sun
give us a show
till day is done

rendevous in the evening
with some feathered friend
watch the sun roll away
just over the rim

you're our friendly reminder
of all that we yearn
keep up your post
till we return

Oh laughing gull
you protest too much
you're the mimic of man
the laughs on us


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