Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Her Party!

Luscious flan
I went to a birthday party yesterday and yes, you're coming with me. I'm not sure what is in the water on this island, but our little kids are really great. Polite, funny, gorgeous, repeat. Then they get older. Just kidding. Ha ha.
So when I get invited to their birthday parties, unless something else is going on like working or I'm somewhere else but here, I try to go, even if only for a short time. This one turned out to be a stay awhile.

Thanks, Daphne, for being 5!

Early birds get the bubble wands

No, these are not bubble wands, they are swords! Silly me.

Water balloons are awesome!

Champagne is more awesome!

A lovely fan-bearing woman agrees

Around here it's pin the tail on the fish.

Delilah gets her posse on

Feel the love, baby!

Back when I was a kid, we had to fill our own water balloons. In secret stealth mode.

Daphne is loaded up.

I love this nino, he's a neighbor and just barely past babyness.

Recognize this guy?

I've got it, but...

A jumpy house. I didn't take Louis' offer up to let my inner child free. She was too busy eating ribs, chatting about goats and drinking champagne.
 This is the Distraction Series.

She doesn't look too worried

She's not running away

Wait...another balloon?

I want it more than I want to drench Olivia!

Another cutie patootie

Hello, very tall person, perhaps you could help me in my quest. Any ideas on what this is?

I've got two of them, now what?

Delilah angel girl

Oh yeah!

Pinata time!

So shy, so gentle. WHACK!

Yep, her wish will come true.


A great time thanks to some serious planning and speedwork on the house by Dad, Mom and friends. Justin wins my grilling seal of approval. Now I know why it's good to hang around in June, all that cavorting around the country when I could be doing this?

Just a bit of trivia to finish off here, being as I had ribs yesterday along with a lot of talking about things domestic, both on and off the screen.

From the page Cartographic Curiousities: something I thought is pretty curious and interesting, considering when it was written in light of the far from sane or sanitary conditions pigs are raised in today.

W.E. Baker was a pure-food proponent who lived in Massachusetts. He believed that unsanitary conditions in food production led to disease-- therefore, he opened his very own Sanitary Piggery to show the rest of the world how swine ought to be raised. In July of 1875, he threw a grand party both to celebrate and raise awareness for his new Sanitary Piggery and to commemorate a battle that had been fought nearby.
You can't have a fancy party without fancy party favors (at least, not if you're doing it right), so Baker distributed these maps as ‘good cheer souvenirs’ to his guests, who numbered in the thousands.

You can see a closer view here. It's worth it, there's meal plans!
 Have a make Monday marvelous Monday. Do something more than mellow.


  1. Great entry and awesome photos - thank you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, I sure did too!